Queen Elsa of Arendelle

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Because Disco Avengers were clearly a thing the world needed.

when it’s too much even for your own standards

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Okay, but don’t try to tell me that vines from Night Vale wouldn’t be the best.

  • Waking up and screaming at the sunrise to shut up
  • Pulling hoods off of the hooded figures
  • Saying things just to freak out the Sheriff’s Secret Police
  • Making beats with the humming entities at the post office
  • Aging millions of years after looking through a portal
  • Soul merging with the family dog
  • "Do it for the vine" as the subject goes to drink some of "JP’s OJ"
  • Someone screaming deprecating things at a mountain.
  • Cecil trying to interrogate the moon
  • Trying to make The Whispering Forest angry
  • Cats harvesting souls
  • Shouting “Ooh, he’s STEALIN’” as the hooded figure that steals babies, steals a baby in the background.
  • "I Can’t Stop" playing as people become transfixed by the WALK signals
  • Raves with the Glow Cloud
  • "But First, Let Me Take A Selfie" with the faceless old woman, and all of the pictures are nothing but the insides of people’s houses.
  • Repeated vines of Steve Carlsberg smack-cams (Probably all from Cecil.)
  • Being chased by plastic bags
  • Walking up to strangers and asking if they want to buy any wheat
  • Sassy Old Woman Josie
  • Two people screaming “DOG PARK” back and forth, with confused people in the background.
  • Vines taken from the cameras all over Night Vale
  • Vines from the interns
  • Vines from the black angel
  • Vines from Carlos and his team of scientists
  • Vines about Khoshekh
  • Vines from each of Hiram McDaniels’ heads.
  • Night Vale vines


a man and his cat

Everything is going eggs-actly as planned…

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snapchat instructional

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I watched Pacific Rim again and Hermann cracks me up cuz he acts like he’s the straight man to Newton’s stooge, but literally everyone knows it’s like comparing the maturity of a 6 year old to a 5 year old



holy shit this is gold hahahahahhahahah

also i really love how you draw hermann!!


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he’s been waiting patiently to meet his new victims friends.



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